Signs of Xanax Addiction

There are a number of signs and symptoms that may be an indication of an addiction to Xanax.

You may notice signs of Xanax addiction such as:

Stress about amount of medication remaining

Taking more than prescribed

Looking forward to next dose, especially during stressful times

Hiding the prescription from your loved ones


Impaired memory


Loss of weight

Emotional & physical health problems


Missing work or school

Withdrawing from friends


Sleeping to much

Slurred speech

A tell tale sign is when the person who is addicted to xanax runs out of their prescription several days or even weeks before it is time for a refill. In some cases, the person may begin buying Xanax off of the street and may even begin participating in illegal activities to pay for the Xanax.

Since these symptoms can become severe, it is not recommended that anyone with a xanax addiction stop abruptly. Instead the safest method of discontinuing use is by gradually reducing the amount of medication taken over a period of time. This is done slowly to allow your brain the chance to resume its ability to naturally produce the chemical the medication has replaced.

Xanax has been shown to be a habit forming drug, especially to those taking it for anxiety and other issues. Many patients develop a dependency as they increase their dosage to deal with their anxiety issues. Many Xanax abusers report many withdrawal symptoms and have suffered from the shakes, and not being able to sleep. Xanax is quick to relieve symptoms of anxiety and can be originally prescribed for temper tantrums and other issues. Because of this, Xanax can be very habit forming and coming off of the drug can be very difficult. When dealing with these withdrawals, it is important to remember the suffering of the addict therefore they must me weaned off of the drug gradually.

Remember that as with any addiction, recovery is possible with the right help. Keep in mind, though, that quitting “cold turkey” can be dangerous, especially depending upon the amount of medication being taken, and that such attempts at rehabilitation should be closely monitored by professionals. If you feel that you or someone you love may be struggling with addiction to Xanax, don’t hesitate in reaching out for help.