Be familiar when buying Propecia (Generic)

Buy Propecia (generic) because it is the only pill which has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to treat male pattern baldness. The product is obtainable in tablet forms which do wonders in intensification of the roots in the hair which as a result will improve the growth of hair. To find out all the information you need when you buy Propecia (generic), you can contact your local pharmacy or you can go online.

One of the many questions being asked about this product is the main element being used in the branded drug which is in the name of Propecia and in other generics. Finasteride is the major substance in both branded and generic. While branded Propecia has the work of treating the problem in hair loss yet many other generic Finasteride also has the same effect in lesser prices.

Buy Propecia (generic) or Finasteride since it is an antiadrogen which affect the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. This type of enzyme is the main reason in the conversion of testosterone in the male human body into dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This DHT on the other hand causes the weakening of the follicles of the hair which eventually leads to male pattern baldness. The scalp which has been block by the wax like substance coming from the DHT gets in the way of the nutrients and vitamins into reaching the hair thus the cause of hair loss. Buy Propecia (generic) because it works as a blocker for the testosterone conversion thus checking the levels of 5-alpha reductase in place.

Apparently, although generic and branded Propecia are the identical drug but it is being manufactured by different companies. One may differ in shape, color and size and other protective substances. The packaging will also be different from the branded Propecia but nevertheless, it still treats the same problem which is hair loss in men.

Since Propecia generic just like the branded is a medication of strong and effective quality but it has side effects which are very minimal. But these are very uncommon which means it may or may not appear exactly on each of the patients. Side effects may include one of the following: malfunction in sexual areas like decreased in libido, problems with ejaculation or reduced amount of semen. But all side effects will eventually disappear after a few months.

Neither of the generic and branded Propecia should be handled by a woman. The product has not been approved for the usage of women with hair loss problem. Particularly pregnant women must stay away from the tablets. Especially if the pill has been crushed or broken. Finasteride is easily absorbed by the skin so pregnant or just planning to have baby should never get near it. Finasteride ingredient will cause severe damage to the organ of the fetus thus causes abnormalities to the baby when delivered.

Generic Propecia or even the branded is available in 1mg dosage which should be taken once a day on the same hour.